What is Parkonic flow?

Barrierless & ticketless parking solution

About Parkonic Flow

Parkonic flow is Dubai's first developed barrierless and ticketless smart parking solution that provides cutting-edge entry/exit parking systems, eliminating the need to pick up passes from machines or pay on-site staff. Everything is done automatically through the website or app.

The Parkonic system is most commonly configured to be without barriers, however, barriers can be added according to the site setup.

Both systems offer the ability to:

  • Register parking sites.
  • Manage & Monitor transactions.
  • Live feed reporting.
  • Set parking rates.
  • Receive payments electronically.
  • Display number of available parking online and offline.

Although the added benefits of Barrier-less systems include:

  • Less hardware, which equals reduced CapEx.
  • Overall reduction in maintenance charges.
  • Improved revenue due to less labor cost.
  • Elimination of congestion.
  • No risk of mechanical failure at entry/exit points.
  • Simpler site setup with less entry/exit points.

Based on the site set up, consumers have the option to pay for their parking session using the web portal, mobile application or manual kiosk, if not yet a registered user.

The most convenient method of payment is through the mobile application, which also includes:

  • Profile Registration.
  • Profile Settings.
  • Transaction History.
  • Multiple Vehicle Listing.
  • Find and List a Space.
  • RFID Tag Registration.
  • RFID Tag Top Up.