What is Parkonic

"Imagine a barrierless city"

Parkonic is a smart parking management software system developed by Dubai-based Company, Valtrans, as an innovative solution which aims to simplify the future of parking processes for parking space owners and drivers alike, by using tools that facilitate with the needs of today's digital trends.

In modern cities, people spend an average of 10 minutes per trip searching for parking; that's almost 17 hours a year. Parking woes alone were found to be the cause of 23% of all delays at road junctions. These parking problems are not only sources of inconvenience for drivers, but for the environment as well, which is why we have come up with a unique idea that incorporates answers to both problems.

At Parkonic, we make life easier; there's no need to queue for a ticket or circle the block hunting for a parking space. Doing so also causes an increase in carbon emissions that generates air pollution. We are on a mission to simplify your daily commutes while maximizing efficiency for lot owners by utilizing intelligent technology, in turn, creating a seamless parking experience, a more sustainable city and a happier community.

In 2017, Parkonic became a registered, independent entity specializing in robust and state of the art parking technology that provides customers with ease and convenience. We prioritize sustainability and innovative environmental management as we build solutions that improves traffic flow, reduces air pollution and adds layers of security that will ensure a better living condition in every city.

Valtrans Transportation Systems and Services has been meeting the need for innovative and efficient transportation services solutions since 2003. It is the first company in the Gulf region to integrate network transportation solutions with hospitality. It provides its bespoke valet parking services, car park smart solutions, coach and shuttle services, limousine services and traffic management to over 200 locations: including 94 Luxury Hotels, 18 Prestige Malls, 12 Private Hospitals, and 3 International Airports.

For more details, news and events, visit www.parkonic.com