Parkonic flow

Only in car parks that utilize the Parkonic flow system.

You have 15 minutes to exit the premises or you will receive a fine.

No. You can request a tag for each vehicle and add them to your account list of vehicles.

Your account balances are non-transferable.

In the 'Credits' section under 'My account' tab in the website or app.

Then you may not book a parking, and if you have unpaid bills, you will receive 3 notifications with a period of 10 days to top up, after which a fine will be issued to you by the authorities.

If you sell your vehicle, you need to remove the tag and deactivate it on your account to prevent being charged for further fees incurred by the new owner. You can deactivate it through:

  • - Parkonic App
  • - Web portal at
  • - Calling our customer service help desk

If your account is idle for 1 year then the balance will be forfeited.

You can top up your PARKONIC account through the following channels using a credit or debit card:

You can recharge from as little as 20 AED.

Yes, you can recharge someone's account as long as you have their log in details and a credit or debit card.

Your receipts can be found in the 'My Bookings & Listings' section under 'My Account' through the app or website.

You need to be connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G connection when using Parkonic app. This will enable notifications or charges to be reflected on your account in real time.

We require the Emirates ID for the sole purpose of verifying your identity. Please be assured that this is not shared in any way.

In the 'Settings' section under 'My account' using the app or website.

Drive & Park

By checking the respective space number written either on the ground or a sign.

You can pay via our app. You just have to top up the account balance and payments will be made automatically for any parking fees.

Regardless of arrival time or presence; once booked online, the payment is deducted indefinitely.

Contact our help line immediately and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

In the 'My Bookings & Listings' section under 'My Account' tab through the website or app.

You may cancel within 5 minutes of booking, if not, you will be charged 50% of booking price as a cancellation fee. Weekly and monthly bookings have separate terms that are dependent on circumstances.

Yes, you can check the time remaining under the 'My Bookings' section in the 'My Account' tab.

No, once paid for they will run through the chosen duration.

No, you will receive a unique QR code that can be used only on the location you've booked at.

Check the map to see if that specific package hasn't been booked by another user, if not, you can renew it.

In the event that your device is about to go off, you have the option to print the QR code on paper and present it on entry, or picture it with another device.

Parkonic space share

It is absolutely free to sign up for a Parkonic account.

Once you are fully registered, you can start listing your space in the 'List a Space' section under 'Parkonic space share' within the website or app.

By accepting booking requests within an hour after you receive them.

After someone has chosen to book your space and you have accepted their request, a transaction will be made from their Parkonic account directly to your bank account.

Yes. You can list all the parking spaces. If you have a commercial business, please sign up for a business account so that you can review and manage multiple bookings easily.

Yes, you will receive a push notification informing you that the space is booked. You can then confirm it manually or set it to auto-confirm when someone booked it online.

Yes, we charge a small percentage.

You are entitled to receiving an extra payment from their account.

You can set your space as occupied manually for a set period of time under 'My listings' in the 'My Account' tab.

Most importantly, your emirates ID, but as a listing you will provide the exact location, with various space details such as rules, amenities, available times and days of use.