Easy Payment Flow

PARKONIC Flow is Dubai's first developed barrierless and ticketless smart parking solution that provides cutting-edge entry/exit parking management system in UAE, eliminating the need to pick up passes from machines or pay on-site staff. Everything is done automatically through the website or mobile application. The Parkonic system is most commonly configured to be without barriers, however, barriers can be added according to the site setup.

Step 1

Download PARKONIC Mobile Application from the App Store or Google Play.

Step 2

Top Up your registered account on the app via your bank card.

Step 3

Your parking fee will be deducted automatically upon exit of the car park.

* Make sure your PARKONIC account is always topped up before exiting the car park to avoid violation.


Drivers freely enter the car park without stopping to collect a ticket. Payment is automatically calculated and deducted from the account registered on the PARKONIC Mobile application upon exit. Based on the specific parking rules at each site, consumers may have several options to pay for their parking session.

Based on the site set up, customers have the option to pay for their parking session using the below payment options:

Web Portal

Mobile application

Pay on Foot Machine

Cash Counter