What is Parkonic flow?

Barrierless & ticketless parking solution

Why Us

The benefits of using Parkonic flow includes:

  • A better parking experience and happier customers.
  • Smoother traffic; no lines at exits.
  • Environmentally friendly lots, resulting in less carbon emissions.
  • Seamless digitized payment and tracking system on Web/App.
  • Higher security: event logs, history records, consumer reports... etc.
  • Much better revenue control via smart technologies.

We understand how valuable car parks are to the driver’s journey and to the efficiency of an economy as a whole, which is why Parkonic's high quality, tried and tested, ticketless parking management system guarantees a better customer experience as well as a more productive management team; in turn, increasing revenues.

With a strong IT development team complemented by an effective method of project management (Planning, execution, handover, training), each and every installation will demonstrate how Parkonic can confidently provide the technological solutions and knowledge tailored for our clients’ business needs, both now and in future, as a trusted business partner.

Our systems are highly secured and sophisticated, enabling Valtrans to arrange intelligent reports with several statistics regarding customer behavior, logs and records; all that can enhance the decision making skills for both landowners and car park operators.

Reports will comprise the following:

  • Dynamic real time information.
  • Number of visitors in specified periods of time.
  • General car park utilization knowledge.
  • Idle times of parked vehicles.
  • Peak entry & exit time analysis.
  • Weekly summary & financial report (includes all payment channels).
  • Repeating visitors.