Car parking in Dubai with PARKONIC App


PARKONIC is a parking solution that aims to simplify the car parking journey. It is active all-around UAE, with 25 active locations, including premium malls, business hubs, iconic tourist attractions, and so much more.

PARKONIC continues to provide a hassle-free, ticketless, and smart parking experience.

How does it work?

For parking users without the PARKONIC App:

At PARKONIC enabled car park locations, the entry barrier will open automatically for all parking users. Our ANPR camera installed at the entrance barrier will capture the vehicle license plate hence a free flow entry with no stopping to collect a ticket!

The PARKONIC System will create a parking trip and issue a virtual ticket against the vehicle license plate. It will also calculate parking fees according to the parking rate on display and the duration of stay.

Parking users must pay their parking fees before exiting the car park. Simply enter the license plate number at the pay station or when scanning the “Quick Pay” QR code. The exit barrier will only open automatically if the system detects that payment has been made.

For PARKONIC App users:

At PARKONIC enabled car park locations, in addition to the free flow entry, the system now automatically creates a parking trip and virtual ticket within the PARKONIC account. Users must keep a sufficient balance in their PARKONIC App wallet.

The exit barrier will open, and parking fees will be deducted automatically from the PARKONIC App wallet.

How to pay for car parking fees at a PARKONIC enabled car park?

There are multiple ways to pay. The easiest and simplest way is to download the PARKONIC App, register the vehicle license plate, and top up the PARKONIC App wallet.

Here are other car parking payment options:
  • PARKONIC Online Payment Portal
  • PARKONIC Pay Station
  • PARKONIC Cashier

Payment options vary at each PARKONIC enabled car park. Location. The best way to maximize and enjoy hassle-free car parking in Dubai is to download the PARKONIC App today!