Technology trends and their connection to the parking industry

Future of technology: An era of connectivity

Technology has been advancing at a more rapid pace than in the last century. It keeps on developing to help save and enhance the way of life.
For centuries, humans have always looked for ways to improve connectivity. Evidence of this is inventions such as the telegram, the telephone, and the Internet.
The creation of smartphones solidifies the concept of connectivity by connecting the world and allowing users to access the Internet, call and text anyone.
In recent years, technology evolved by allowing humans to connect to their devices.


The role of Smart Mobility in Smart Cities

What is a Smart City?

A Smart City is an urban area where information and communication technologies increase operational efficiency to improve the quality of services and the life of its citizen.

What is Smart Mobility?

Smart Mobility is the ability to connect various elements of technology to optimize people's journeys.
Smart Mobility is one of the pillars of the Smart City concept.
Through Smart Mobility, people can make decisions and receive information or alternatives in case of sudden changes in the initial itinerary. It also produces new and efficient transportation systems that are environmentally friendly.

How does Smart Mobility apply to the parking industry?

With the rise of Smart Mobility, the parking industry sector can utilize the power of technology to optimize the use of existing networks to integrate with future Smart Cities.
In previous years, the parking industry took slow technological growth.